About Us

       In 2008 my mom & I began our website endeavors. However, I was quite uninformed of the journey we were about to embark upon in the web world. Our first website was short lived using a website builder with stuff to sale on there knowing of course traffic would instantly flock to it. The site failed no doubt, so we gave up, or did we?!!? I would go on to learn programming on my own HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, etc... to build multiple sites that were soon to follow. There were 5-6 to be exact, or perhaps more, but at this point who's counting? These were all very nice looking sites, with an adequate amount of content throughout, (Thanks Mom)! :) However, unknown to mom & I at the time, one actually has to stay with it, and attempt to do the most unpleasant task of all, the ever so famous SEO. If that wasn't enough fuel added to the fire, let's not forget the marketing of our little funny pictures website, may the party begin.

       So with multiple sites behind us, not necessarily failures, in that we simply gave up too soon when quite possibly success was right around the corner. It is with great pleasure with no further ado, that I present to you FunnyMeme4Me.com.

       It has now been three years and counting, FunnyMeme4Me.com is growing slowly, but surely with thousands of pictures behind us, and did I mention reoccurring carpal tunnel?!!? We thank you so much for supporting our little website. We feel so blessed to have the best (fans) on the internet. Thanks to you all for submitting pictures using our new & improved "Meme Builder," and sharing our funny pictures on YUR social sites. We are where we are today because of you, our visitors, and if you take nothing from all of the above, please take this, "The Struggle Is Real Folks?!!?"

FunnyMeme4Me.com STAFF CONSIST OF:

(Mom)- CEO, Content Specialist
(Son) - Co-Owner, Developer

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